Welcome to musicfootballfatherhood.com:

“The Lifestyle Platform For The Cool And Cultured British Man.”

Bringing you think-pieces, conversation and social commentary. We provide a space for grown conversation on all the important things in life: Music, Football and Fatherhood.

As well as providing entertaining and thought provoking content, we also want to inspire our readers by highlighting positive entrepreneurs, thought leaders and fathers in our community.

Founder & Editor-in-Chief: Elliott Rae

I’m a young (ish), black professional who is a husband to a beautiful and talented woman and a father to a beautiful little baby girl who was born in October 2015. I’m a passionate father and my journey into fatherhood has been an amazing rollercoaster. I’ll be keeping you up to date with my experiences, musings and reflections.


IMG_20160131_101652I’m also a music producer and bass player. Above all I’m a fan of music and I’m really excited by the current UK underground music scene. I produce all types of music and am currently working on my debut album which is heavily influenced by House and Bass music. I also produce and play with the band I setup with my wife, Soneni & The Soul. I’ve produced music that has been featured on BBC 1Xtra, playlisted on Lufthansa Airlines and performed at venues such as the legendary Jazz Cafe. I’m a big big fan of the current UK music scene and will be using this space to express my views, post interesting content as well as share my latest music and art.

1913624_342191355164_3559023_n217155_10150546753765165_7167013_nSo. Football! This is my other passion. I’m a loyal QPR fan but also just a follower of football in general. There’s nothing better than a good Super Sunday game with a beer and family and friends around. Someone once said that football is the most important of unimportant things and I must agree. My posts won’t be neutral, I’ll openly admit I have a dislike for Chelski! I’ll be using this blog to share my reflections on the latest in the football world.



Peace, Love & Blessings


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