There aren’t many TV shows in the mainstream media that shine a light on the positive examples of fatherhood in our community so when there is, it’s only right that we at http://www.musicfootballfatherhood.com help to spread the word.


Top Dad features six short films looking at fatherhood from the perspective of different and unique dads. Produced by Renowned Films (owned by Duane Jones, the man behind Not For The Radio), and presented by Ashley Walters, Top Dad speaks to an array of fathers to gain a perspective on how they parent their children given their unique circumstances. Among others, the show features Jaja Soze talking about fatherhood as an ex -gangster, Matt O’Conner about why he started the Fathers4Justice movement and a young man who took the difficult decision to adopt his sisters 2 children.


The show offers little bitesized nuggets of information which I’m sure will help to inspire many fathers, regardless of their background. I for one found Top Dad an inspiring and insightful watch. It’s important we show Top Dad some love so we can encourage producers and platforms to curate more of this kind of content.


Top Dad is available to watch on demand via the Channel 4 website –  http://www.channel4.com/programmes/top-dad



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